Get Creative with an iStock Promo Code

istock logoGetting creative can happen in two ways – dreamy words and beautiful images. Imagine what you can do with both. Whether you are starting as big as a business website or even as small as a school journal, you will surely benefit from the royalty-free images offered by stock photo agencies like iStock. To make things greater, iStock offers discount coupons to help you save more money for more important expenses.

How do you get creative? Do you do it with a pen and a piece of paper? That works, too. But, you can also try how others do it today – with a stock photo site, an iStock promo code (click here for more details) and a photo-editing app. These three works together to give you the creative files you need to make your project look more attractive. Without the other, you compromise yourself having a dull creative project or facing financial and legal damages.

Where can you get an iStock promo code?

Now that we have established the importance of images, it is time to determine which website you should get them. The Internet contains numerous websites that offer high quality, royalty-free images, illustrations and vectors. Others even include video and audio clips. One of the largest stock photo sites in the World Wide Web is iStock by Getty Images. It contains millions of creative files, offered at ridiculously great prices.

Aside from the amazing images, iStock also offers coupon codes. The website is aware that many websites claim to offer iStock coupons and it wants to save you from those who actually do not. While there are scam websites, there are also legit ones, like StockphotoSecrets is affiliated with iStock, making them legit to offer such discount codes. With the website, you can be sure that you are getting valid and active coupon codes.

Why do you need an iStock coupon?

istock promo code

You may think that a coupon san only save you little money. That’s why you lose interest in getting one. What if I tell you that you can up to two thousand dollars with a coupon? Now, that caught your attention. This is not a joke. You can indeed save up this amount in the long run. If you require images on a daily basis, you will need bigger credit packs or even a subscription plan.

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Let’s say you are paying $399 a month, which means you are paying $4,788 a year. Now, if coupon can save up at least 10 percent, you can save $478.8 every year. If you are running the creative project for at least 5 years, you can save as much as $2000. That being said, you can actually save a lot from getting an iStock promo code.      

3 Tips to Get You Started with Cheap Stock Photos

Stock photographer Do you need cheap stock photography for your creative projects? We can help you get them. Oftentimes, bloggers, writers, and graphic designers do not have the skills, the money, and the equipment to conduct their own photoshoots. Thus, cheap stock photos become a valuable alternative. Whether you are tackling marketing on your own or you are setting up a newspaper ad, you can spruce up your project with stock photography.

  • Find cheap stock photo sites. There are a number of stock photo agencies in the Internet. Some are good, some are not. It is up to you to find one that fits your creative needs and budget. These websites allow you to get a subscription or purchase a single photo. You can search easily using search bars and typing relevant keywords. Some even let you filter your searches so you can get more refined results.

Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Shutterstock – Shutterstock has over 60 million images in its library, giving you a wide range of option for every theme or subject. Over 40,000 new images are added daily from illustrators and photographers in over 100 countries. It also features fair and simple pricing per month or per image.
  2. iStock – iStock lets you explore millions of royalty-free images, vectors, videos and audio clips at ridiculously low prices. It gives you the option to pay per download with credits or subscribe and save with plans.
  3. Depositphotos – Depositphotos also feature millions of high quality royalty-free images and high definition videos – all at the greatest prices. It also has a 24/7 customer service that supports its growing creative community in up to 20 languages.
  • Check out pricing. One thing that sets cheap stock photo sites from one another is pricing. Whatever project you have, determine the resolution and size of the photo you need. Cheap stock images come at different sizes and resolutions. The higher the dots-per-inch, the higher the price. Determine the size you require for your project to avoid paying for more than you need.
  • Learn about licensing rights. No matter how tempting free photos are, you should always use royalty-free images. Royalty-free means you can use the image without any restrictions. It is based on a one-time payment from a cheap stock photo site. You can use the image in several projects without paying for additional license. If for any reason you are contacted by a website claiming you are using the image without permission, show your receipt and all is well.


You can buy stock photos cheap, but never settle for free photos that scatter all over the Internet. If you want to enjoy freebies, you can always sign up for a cheap stock photo website. Some photo sites, like Shutterstock, offers free photos every week to its members. With a free registration and affordable subscription, you can enjoy free and legal photos without the photo police on your back.

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